sepdek May 10, 2011

Microsoft Photosynth is a set of tools for capturing and viewing panorama-like photos. The difference of a “synth” is that it consists of photos taken from various positions, in contrast with typical panoramas that require one fixed position for all photos of the collection. If consists of desktop applications, phone apps and online and social […]

sepdek May 6, 2011

3D content on my sketch fab profile Wooden hierarch figure by gpavlid on Sketchfab The doctor – coffin lid by gpavlid on Sketchfab Τhe well in Bran Castle in Brasov, Romania by gpavlid on Sketchfab Filopappos Monument, Athens, Greece by gpavlid on Sketchfab Youtube media

sepdek March 29, 2011

Κύκλος μαθημάτων, σε συνεργασία με το IEEE Student Branch of Thrace, με αντικείμενο την τέχνη και την τεχνική, τη θεωρία και την πρακτική της πιο προσιτής πλέον τέχνης, της ψηφιακής φωτογραφίας, από τη γέννησή της έως την τελική της επεξεργασία. Πρόγραμμα μαθημάτων: 6 Απριλίου 2011, 15:00 – 17:00: Η ψηφιακή εικόνα 13 Απριλίου 2011, 15:00 […]

sepdek March 19, 2011

Just tested the Retro-photography app “Lo-Fi” @ and seems to be producing rather impressive results. Some of my Lo-Fi photo tests are included in this article.