sepdek June 24, 2022

Resources and Downloads Past work on 3D scanning using laser triangulation: Read the triangulation algorithm explained. and get a piece of pascal/delphi code that shows how it can be implemented. Test Images CCITT B&W test images (556 Kb) Gray test images (2.39 Mb) Color test images (12.4 Mb) Documents (Mixed Raster Content) test images (222 […]

sepdek February 16, 2014

Recently I read an interesting book “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. Somewhere at the end of the book there was a reference to the well known game of life by John Conway (1970). Although I knew it was implemented by various researchers and is already available in MATLAB with a demo […]

sepdek March 29, 2011

Selected Publications Access my CV for a complete list of publications, or take a look at my Google Scholar Profile.   Books, treatises, edited volumes, and dissertations Pavlidis, G., 2022. Foundations of Photography: A Treatise on the Technical Aspects of Digital Photography. Springer Nature. Pavlidis, G., 2021. A Brief History of Colour Theory: Foundations of […]