sepdek June 24, 2022

Resources and Downloads Past work on 3D scanning using laser triangulation: Read the triangulation algorithm explained. and get a piece of pascal/delphi code that shows how it can be implemented. Test Images CCITT B&W test images (556 Kb) Gray test images (2.39 Mb) Color test images (12.4 Mb) Documents (Mixed Raster Content) test images (222 […]

sepdek March 25, 2020

Analysis of (time-series) data being collected in (near) realtime often provides insight for a process underway. As the current situation with COVID-19 is still critical lots of data are being collected, curated and streamed throughout the world, and researchers strive to get the most out of them to identify patterns and, maybe, make predictions. In […]

sepdek November 6, 2011

I am quoting the words of a professor in Greece. I have not yet had the opportunity to check the validity of the claims but I have to take a note of them! For those who do not (or choose to not) know what the Greek people and Greece is… We are a country that […]