machine learning

sepdek August 30, 2022

Definition Typically, three Pythagorean means are defined and constitute the classical means used in various scientific fields; they are the arithmetic mean, the geometric mean, and the harmonic mean. Pythagoreans are reported to have first studied these means, along with later generations of Greek mathematicians, and this is why the means got the name ‘Pythagorean’. […]

sepdek February 16, 2018

Clustering is an important category of machine learning methods and a main form of unsupervised learning. Clustering is essentially distinctive and substantially different from the other dominant form of machine learning, classification, in that it does not rely on training (supervised learning). In principle, clustering represents any method that tries to identify and distinguish groups […]

sepdek January 23, 2018

This post serves as a practical approach towards a vectorized implementation of the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm mainly for MATLAB or OCTAVE applications. EM is a really powerful and elegant method for finding maximum likelihood solutions in cases where the hypothesis involves a gaussian mixture model and latent variables. Introduction EM is connected with the […]