sepdek May 16, 2018

The official Dropbox client application, at least to date, supports one and only one user account per personal computer user. This means that if a user has multiple accounts there is no official way to synchronise all Dropbox accounts under one personal computing device user account. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy and simple to activate […]

sepdek November 10, 2013

There was the time of the PowerToys…back in the Windows XP era…So we had the option to easily change system setting without having to get our hands dirty digging into the registry. Nowadays there is no such utility so we have to do thing on our own. What I am particularly interested in is the […]

sepdek November 28, 2012

Some years ago I got my macbook air and in a flash of genius I got a 200GB USB disk to use as a backup disk (time machine backup disk). This was great and there where a couple of times it prooved really useful. Recently I wanted to detach this USB disk from its primary […]

sepdek July 4, 2012

Just faced a problem regarding setting the critical battery level on Windows 7. It got stuck at 98% and I could not set another value, although “low battery level” could be set to any value. Finally I came up with a solution using a command window: run cmd.exe using administrator priviledges and type the following […]

sepdek March 19, 2011

Just tested the Retro-photography app “Lo-Fi” @ and seems to be producing rather impressive results. Some of my Lo-Fi photo tests are included in this article.

sepdek April 2, 2010

Στο NTFS σύστημα αρχείων των Windows, κάθε αρχείο είναι δυνατό να περιλαμβάνει πολλά data streams. Η δυνατότητα αυτή καλείται Alternative Data Streams (ADS). Τυπικά αυτά είναι τρία: Παράμετροι ασφαλείας (δικαιώματα πρόσβασης) Περιεχόμενα του αρχείου (δεδομένα) Προαιρετικά, συνοδευτικές πληροφορίες (όπως το link αν είναι συντόμευση, ή ένα thumbnail, κοκ) Στο τρίτο stream, υπάρχει όμως δυνατότητα να […]