sepdek February 18, 2011
iPhone 3GS screenshot
  1. pwnage 4.1.3:
  2. + 4.1_restore.ipsw + 4.2.1_restore.ipsw + ipad_3.2.2_restore.ipsw
    this will construct a custom restore ipsw file

  3. itunes restore:
  4. open itunes and shift/alt + restore with the custom restore file of step 1

  5. pwnage 4.2.1:
  6. use v0.9.6b6 and the original 4.2.1_restore.ipsw (unmodified) to do a typical jailbreak

  7. post-jailbreak:
    • open Cydia and add to the sources
    • install SAM and SAMprefs
    • connect to computer, run redsn0w 0.9.6b6 and choose “Deactivate”
    • after iPhone reboot go to Settings > SAM and press “De-activate iphone” and choose the “By Country and Carrier” method below (then choose the Country and Carrier).
  8. after iPhone boots jalbroken

  9. unlock:
    • go to Cydia and add to the sources
    • install ultrasn0w
    • the SIM card is now acceptable


  • Step 4 (post-jailbreak) is needed to provide a workaround for the battery drainage problem that occurs after jailbreaking with the normal procedure.
  • If for any reason, iTunes cannot activate the iPhone after all these steps (iTunes reports an invalid SIM), go to Cydia and uninstall SAM and redo a normal jailbreak (step 3). After that, iTunes accepts the iPhone with a high percentage.
  • Check for more information on jailbreaking/unlocking the iPhone. Chronic Dev-Team has already announced a new version of jailbreaking that will be untethered ( Looking forward to it…

  • iphone 4.2.1 screenshot




    2 thoughts on “3GS iPhone 4.2.1 tethered jailbreak and unlock that works without battery drain problem

    1. basically ultrasnow and yellowsnow are for unlocking your iPhone which was locked to your service provider,you are saying that you have already jailbroken your iPhone using Yellowsnow and you want to upgrade to 3.0 and use Ultrasnow i guess.But on using it i am sad to say but all your changes will be lost and you will have to re do it all over again.Hope i could clarify your doubt.|||Nice one there has worked a treat on an imie blocked handset unlock and on a recently purchased one.Have successfully managed to downgrade after 4.02 update back to 4.01 and use this method to unlock again.All of you make sure you follow instructions in Cydia to backup your phones id and not upgrade until there is a jailbreakme for firmware 4.02 or you will be F…ed!!! Unless you have backed up your origional rom.Thanks again for this post.

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