sepdek April 20, 2011

Just completed successfully an update to the untethered iOS 4.3.2 with unlocking on an iPhone 3GS, by following these tutorials:

  1. iClarified for untethered jailbreaking* to iOS 4.3.2 using RedSn0w:
    I actually used a newer RedSn0w version either from this link or this link:
  2. redmondpie for fixed unlocking** using Ultrasn0w Fixer For 4.3.2:

Note: The iPhone that I tested is a “newer (fixed) model” — see iClarified, with 06.15 baseband.
This information can be found in the Settings >> General >> About on the iPhone.


* Jailbreaking stands for the modification of the operating system in such a way to be able to install applications from any source.
** Unlocking stands for the modifications of the operating system in such a way to support any mobile carrier (any SIM card).



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