sepdek January 18, 2013
mail search

Many different search options in google mail…I have to start writing them down ’cause I will definitely forget some of them…

  • label:[LABEL] (abbr. l:[LABEL]) search for messages with a specified label. It can be extremely useful when searching for unread messages with the simple syntax: l:^u
  • in:[SYSTEM-LABEL] search for messages in a specified gmail system label (such as trash or sent)
  • size:[BYTES] search for messages larger than a specified size in bytes
  • larger:, smaller:[999K|M] search for messages larger or smaller than an abbreviated size using K or M for KB or MB respectively
  • older_than:, newer_than:[999y|m|d] search for messages with date restrictions using the characters y, m and d to indicate years, months and days respectively
  • has:userlabels, has:nouserlabels search for messages with or without user labels (excluding system labels like inbox, trash, spam, chat, allmail, etc). NOTE: labels are applied to individual messages and not conversations!
  • – (negative sign) before a search option or a word negates the option or excludes messages that match related words
  • + (positive sign) before a word affects exact word matching
  • rfc822msgid:[MSGID] search messages by the message-id header

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