sepdek November 6, 2011

I am quoting the words of a professor in Greece. I have not yet had the opportunity to check the validity of the claims but I have to take a note of them!

For those who do not (or choose to not) know what the Greek people and Greece is…

  1. We are a country that controls a land and sea area similar to Germany and Austria together (450,000 sq. Km), stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the shores of Lebanon (including Cyprus) and from the Evros River to the coast of Libya. One needs a two hour trip by plane to go from the west-end (Corfu) to the east-end (Larnaca, Cyprus). Like flying from Brussels to Marseille.
  2. In the world there is a total of about 17,000,000 Greeks.
  3. We are second in the world in deposits in Switzerland.
  4. We welcome 16,000,000 tourists per year and have a significant tourist industry.
  5. We have three very large shipyards that construct any kind of ship.
  6. We have industries that manufacture heavy vehicle bodies for trucks, buses, trolleys, railway wagons, trailers, concrete mixers, tanks, etc.
  7. We have 2,400 VLCC and large cargo ships, being, thus, 1st in the world in merchant shipping. 1,500 other huge tankers and cargo ships have Cypriot owners, which are the 5th in the world.
  8. We are 2nd worldwide in sheep’s milk production, 3rd in olives, saffron, kiwifruit and peaches.
  9. We are 1st in the world in nickel production, 1st in Magnesite, 1st in Hydromagnesite, 1st in perlite (1.6 million tons), 2nd in bentonite (1.5 million tons), 1st in the EU in bauxite (2.174 million tons), 1st in chromite, 1st in zinc and 1st in alumina.
  10. We have the 2nd best Air Force in NATO (after the U.S.), while we have the 2nd best navy in NATO!
  11. South of Crete there are 175 billion barrels of oil, the 3rd largest reservoir in the world. Meanwhile the gold that exists in Thrace is worth 38 billion euros. In Macedonia and Thrace we have the 3 largest gold deposits in Europe. The value of oil and gas are – hold on – 10,000,000,000,000 (10 trillion dollars!) As reported by the Geological Institute of the U.S., YSGS.

This country is going to sell out for 340 billion?



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