sepdek May 15, 2014
virtualworlds website 3D scanned reconstructions

It has been many years working on digitization, reconstruction and virtual world applications; tested and used various techniques covering almost all aspects in the digital recording workflow. In the recent past years our team has been successfully engaged in a very productive workflow regarding digitization and reconstruction in 3D. Specifically, this workflow involved the application of a technique known as Structure-From-Motion or simply SFM, which is based on multi-image terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. Simply put, a subject of interest is photographed from various viewpoints covering all its surface, and SFM reverse engineers the 3D geometry from the 2D projected data from all photos after matching corresponding individual points of interest. SFM can be successfully applied to various scales (object sizes), surface complexity and diverse materials and has been proven significantly productive (although computationally demanding and memory hungry). Suffice to say that SFM produces reconstructions far more than what is considered adequate for web delivery.
Since it is now relatively easy for someone to produce their own 3D models (reconstructions of real-world objects) and post them on the web, I have decided to initiate a personal project with the codename “Our world in 3D digital reconstructions” to collect all 3D reconstructions that I make of various objects. I dedicated a specific website just for it. This project targets to produce just a showcase for purely educative purposes and to build upon prior experience to a better or even optimized workflow.

virtualworlds website



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