sepdek October 21, 2017

There is often a need to use a webpage as a reference. So how is it possible to get the most recent date that webpage was updated?

There have been people suggesting that one might exploit the power of google and execute a specific kind of search that might reveal the date of a webpage. Like using the “inurl” trick<webpage>

To my understanding, this trick is either outdated, or does not apply in all cases, as unfortunately in my case.

I found out that there is another trick that actually works. This includes a bit of JavaScript magic and access to the DOM, specifically the lastModified property of the document. The trick goes like this:

  1. Normally open the webpage on a browser
  2. Go to the address bar and type in the following javascript command and hit enter

It is expected that the browser will respond with an alert box presenting the exact latest update date and time for this webpage.

*** Although Chrome and Firefox checked ok, currently there is an issue with Safari which refuses to execute a JavaScript command from the address bar (nowadays called the “smart search field”).

Apparently there is a workaround: Enable “Allow JavaScript on Smart Search Field” in the “Develop” menu of Safari (this menu is activated from Safari Preferences > Advanced)




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