sepdek June 2, 2016
twitter settings menu

Strangely, although anyone can add somebody in a Twitter list, Twitter does not offer a simple “Remove me from list X” option. Adding somebody to a list is not controlled by the person being added, at least in the default Twitter setting.
Nevertheless there is a way, rather awkward way that is, to remove oneself from a list. In the following paragraphs I am recording how I managed to remove myself from list in which I did not wished to be included. The overall process is shown for an iPad but it is the same for any platform.

  • First off, When I am added to a list I get a notification of the event, like the one shown in the following figure.

    addition to a list notification

  • The first thing I do is go to my profile and select the setting menu, in which to select the “View lists” option.

    twitter settings menu

  • Then I am able to see all the lists that I have been added. Say I want to remove me from a specific list, the one circled.

    select the list to remove from

  • I select that list and move on to the specific list subscribers. On top of the list I find the person that added me in that list. By selecting that person, I get a typical menu of user options, in which I need to select to block that person.

    block the person that added you to the list

  • In the following confirmation page I make sure to confirm the blocking.

    hit the block option

  • Well, that’s just about it. I am now official off that list. Before doing anything further, if I need to unblock the person I take a look at the following step. Else, if I just return to the home page of Twitter, or my profile and then again back here in the lists, I am no longer a subscriber of the list.

  • Optionally, if I do not wish to keep that person blocked, I unblock the person using the “block” sign on the right of that person in the subscribers list.

    optionally unblock the person

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