sepdek November 21, 2013

I found a workaround to enable (a 50%) focus-follows-mouse functionality on MAC OS X Mavericks after reading pages and pages and testing various snippets and techniques that failed. The thing is I always use focus-follows-mouse on all platforms including Windows (recently found a way for Windows 8). The only thing that worked (50% what I […]

sepdek November 10, 2013

There was the time of the PowerToys…back in the Windows XP era…So we had the option to easily change system setting without having to get our hands dirty digging into the registry. Nowadays there is no such utility so we have to do thing on our own. What I am particularly interested in is the […]

sepdek April 27, 2013

When something that should be obvious is not so obvious after all. Recently I heard a lot of people complaining getting charged for Skype calls to a UK number +44870835190. Skype people respond to such queries with answers like: Please get in touch with Skype Customer Service. This FAQ should be helpful: Check last […]

sepdek March 16, 2013

Setting up and testing OpenCV in MacOS – tested on Mountain Lion v. 10.8.3 (*) based on the blog notes of Tilo Mitra Installation: Download the latest version of OpenCV from SourceForge: and unzip it. A folder is extracted with various files and folders Download cmake which is required in order to build and […]

sepdek January 18, 2013

Many different search options in google mail…I have to start writing them down ’cause I will definitely forget some of them… label:[LABEL] (abbr. l:[LABEL]) search for messages with a specified label. It can be extremely useful when searching for unread messages with the simple syntax: l:^u in:[SYSTEM-LABEL] search for messages in a specified gmail system […]

sepdek November 28, 2012

Some years ago I got my macbook air and in a flash of genius I got a 200GB USB disk to use as a backup disk (time machine backup disk). This was great and there where a couple of times it prooved really useful. Recently I wanted to detach this USB disk from its primary […]

sepdek August 23, 2012

Σας τα λέω όλα αυτά γιατί εδώ στο νησί μας, όπως και αλλού, οι γάτες ξεχνάνε, οι άνθρωποι ξεχνάνε και η τρέλα δε θέλει πολύ να φουντώσει πάλι φτου ξανά και απ’ την αρχή… πώς μου είχε ξεφύγει…

sepdek August 23, 2012

Free will has long been an issue on my mind. Although I am not into psychology or neuroscience I approached it in a logical/abstract way. It became apparent to me that there is no such thing as ‘free will’. The manifestations of our thoughts, our actions, which we tend to base upon free will, seem […]

sepdek July 4, 2012

Just faced a problem regarding setting the critical battery level on Windows 7. It got stuck at 98% and I could not set another value, although “low battery level” could be set to any value. Finally I came up with a solution using a command window: run cmd.exe using administrator priviledges and type the following […]

sepdek February 5, 2012

Even though all default settings include “utf8-general-ci” every newly created database keeps getting that “swedish” collation and character set! So one way to convert to utf8 is to go table by table and type the SQL command: ALTER TABLE dbase.table CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci where ‘dbase’ is the name of the database […]