sepdek April 8, 2011

This is how kids can do electrical circuits just by playing with dough. Here it is… the squishy circuits project page, with recipes of conductive and insulating dough along with example circuits and project videos.

sepdek April 2, 2011

Just returned from my first TEDx Thessaloniki event (although a regular online visitor to TED). The event’s site is here. Have you ever wondered why not? then you are probably a TEDx-ster. This is what TEDx Thessaloniki was about. The event was held at the Olympion Cinema at the center of Thessaloniki (Aristotle Square) and […]

sepdek March 19, 2011

Just tested the Retro-photography app “Lo-Fi” @ and seems to be producing rather impressive results. Some of my Lo-Fi photo tests are included in this article.

sepdek March 9, 2011

Escher’s Waterfall M. C. Escher -inspired mini film animation on youtube 不可能モーション2 〜 Impossible Motions 2 〜

sepdek March 8, 2011

From Planck length (10-35 m, 10-11 yoctometers) at the scale of quantum foam or the strings to the estimated size of the Universe (930 Yottameters, 93×109 light years, 9.3×1026 m)… Take a look at the video: Or check it out here: The Scale of the Universe Or get the iOS app: The Scale of the […]

sepdek February 18, 2011

pwnage 4.1.3: + 4.1_restore.ipsw + 4.2.1_restore.ipsw + ipad_3.2.2_restore.ipsw this will construct a custom restore ipsw file itunes restore: open itunes and shift/alt + restore with the custom restore file of step 1 pwnage 4.2.1: use v0.9.6b6 and the original 4.2.1_restore.ipsw (unmodified) to do a typical jailbreak post-jailbreak: open Cydia and add to […]

sepdek February 18, 2011

Although there are a few apps that claim to automatically construct a profile banner, it is easy to DIY. Procedure: What is needed is to make a banner of size 480 x 68 in a typical photo editing software (such as photoshop), and then to slice the banner to 5 equally-sized images of size 96 […]

sepdek February 18, 2011

The main utility to add NTFS access capabilities to MAC OS X is NTFS-3G at: (There is also MacFuse

sepdek February 18, 2011

Παρατηρείται τελευταία μεγάλη κινητοποίηση ενάντια στην τοποθέτηση κεραιών (σταθμών βάσης) κινητής τηλεφωνίας εντός του αστικού ιστού (ακόμη και μικρών πόλεων). Η τοποθέτηση των κεραιών αυτών συνοδεύεται συνήθως από μηχανισμούς ή κατασκευές κάλυψης, και γίνεται έναντι ενός μη-ευκαταφρόνητου αντιτίμου. Γιατί όμως γίνεται όλο αυτό το θέμα με τους “πολέμιους” των κεραιών που αγωνίζονται για την απομάκρυνση […]